sperm myths - hot baths

Sometimes there’s nothing better than to unwind in a hot bath, jacuzzi or your own hot tub at home but could this be harmful to your sperm?

Unfortunately, yes!

Hot baths and avoiding them is another one of those myths that guys aren’t too sure about, yet they continue to get nagged about it by their partner who heard it on a forum somewhere.

None the less, it is a thing.

Sperm production is a long process lasting around 90 days and one of the key elements for healthy sperm is the temperature of the testicles.

A man’s testicles are outside the body for a reason and that is to keep them cooler than core body temperature. The testicles should be around 2 degrees cooler for optimal sperm production to occur. When the testicles get too hot sperm production falters leading to a decrease in overall sperm quality.

Those who regularly take hot baths or spend a long period of time in hot water are more likely to suffer a decrease in sperm quality. This study showed evidence of a decrease in sperm quality from regular heating of the testicles.

It’s not all bad news though.

Damage to sperm from this type of heat stress should be entirely reversible as long as you avoid regular and prolonged hot baths.

Cooler showers it is then!!