sperm myths - size matters

The size of your penis is related to your fertility?


Size does matter but not where you think!

The size of your penis has no bearing on your fertility or ability to conceive at all. Where size does matter is the size of your testicles!

Why? Because your testicles are in effect your sperm factory.

Testicle size can vary hugely and research shows there's a correlation between testicular size and sperm volume.  Generally speaking, the bigger the factory the more sperm you produce.

However, bigger isn’t always better and too big can be a sign of other health issues. It’s also important to ensure that all the plumbing is intact around the testicles. You could have the best sperm production in the world but if the pipework isn’t there to deliver it or it’s damaged then it’s no use to anyone.

It’s also important to note that volume is only one of several factors when it comes to a man’s fertility. You can have a low volume of sperm but still be fertile whilst some men with high volumes can be less fertile. Volume is only one small part of a bigger picture.

What’s normal?

Well generally speaking we follow the rule of thumb. The average testicle will be around the same size as the distance from the tip of your thumb to the 1st joint of your thumb. This is a rough technique that many medics use alongside Orchidometer beads. These are beads that a clinician can use to gauge the size of your testicle and predict testicular volume.

It’s perfectly normal for your testicles to be slightly different in size and for them to hang at different distances from the body. After all you don’t want them knocking into each other all the time!

Should you be worried?

Checking your testicles on a regular basis is important. Getting to know your body and what’s normal for you will allow you to spot any changes that seem unusual.  

Testicular size is often linked to other health conditions and, of course, testicular cancer can occur in any man.

If you have any concerns, then it’s important you contact your GP. If you’re trying to conceive and things aren’t going to plan then we would always recommend completing our free health questionnaire and consulting a medical practitioner for a thorough investigation.